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( Strawberry Fields is no 3, Yesterday no 4) Lennon´s Norwegian wood is no 12. My cousin who was 15 when this song was released and who is very much into the drug culture told me that Norwegian wood is marijuana.

"This bird had flown" has a double meaning referring to the girl having left the apartment and also that the man's marijuana cigarette had finished.

In 1987 on a work trip to Norway, I cut a small branch off a tree stripped the bark. The best comment on this entire was by Andrew from Philadelphia, who advises everyone to listen to the lyrics more closely.

Still have it as an ornament and conversation piece. Bernard 'Buddy' Rich passed away on April 2nd, 1987 at the age of 69... The line, as sung, is "So, I lit the fire..." It is not "So, I lit a fire..." All the controversy about this song comes from mis-hearing one little word.

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The Beetles did have a sardonic relationship with their fans, so Paul's sarcastic comment that it was about John torching the place of a girl refused him was clearly hyperbole about John's skill in bedding women. Someone who can essentially seduce anyone he wants isn't going to be so upset at a frustrating evening that he torches a woman's home for not putting out. What's really important is to listen to the lyrics as sung, not as assumed.John Adams collaborated with his cousin, revolutionary leader Samuel Adams, but he established his own prominence prior to the American Revolution.After the Boston Massacre, he provided a successful (though unpopular) legal defense of the accused British soldiers, in the face of severe local anti-British sentiment and driven by his devotion to the right to counsel and the "protect[ion] of innocence".If you know both people will be present at a party or upcoming event, then your job is easy.If not, you'll have to arrange a lunch or other outing so they can meet.

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MTV executive and former DJ Les Garland provided the DJ voice-over during the song's bridge.

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GEOMAR, Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel, Wischhofstraße 1-3 24148, Kiel, Germany Elkins, L. Although different in key ways, broad geochemical similarities between Jan Mayen Island and Icelandic lavas have suggested the influence of a mantle plume (either a unique Jan Mayen plume or emplaced Icelandic material) on mantle melting beneath Jan Mayen Island ( Schilling, J.

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